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Welcome Message from Symposium Organizer



Managing Director

GSBE Global Academy | GSBE Company Limited

Greetings from GSBE Global Academy! I take great pride in welcoming all the allied health therapists to joining our first RehabMedTech & Innovations Online Symposium (REMTIOS) 2020!


Life has never been the same under this COVID-19 impact. With 99.4% of the international travels are being shut down, National or International Conferences are virtually impossible to take place at the moment. On the other hand, Rehabilitative Medical Innovations and Technologies are still evolving and growing every day. There is a huge need of acquiring the most updated information on Rehab Technologies that could help diligent therapists treating patients. The REMTIOS 2020 is providing such a platform for you. 


You can check-in the Presentation Rooms and visit the Sponsors’ Exhibition Room ANYTIME, ANYWHERE within 2 weeks of our online symposium from 17 to 31 July 2020. Top Class International Presenters are going to provide abundant amount of new information during these 2 weeks. All of their sharings are relevant to our clinical practices. REMTIOS is a virtual place on your palm and fingertips for you to learn and to obtain new concepts, within your busy clinical schedules, or during your everyday travel.


A Special and Big Thank You not only goes to our speakers and generous sponsors but also to the supporting organizations. We have great honour in getting the support from the following associations (Names are in Alphabetical orders): Hong Kong Occupational Therapy Association (HKOTA), Hong Kong Physiotherapy Association (HKPA),  The Hong Kong Association of Speech Therapists (HKAST), Macau Occupational Therapists Association (MOTA) and Macau Physical Therapists Association (MPTA). For the members of the aforementioned associations, I welcome all of you again to our event.



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